how to create your own grassland project in inaturalist

If you can’t find an existing project to contribute to by (1) searching the iNaturalist website or (2) searching for projects near you with the iNat mobile app, then you may need to consider creating your own. Please read iNat’s recommendations on creating new projects.

you need a place before you can create a project

Before creating a new project, you first need to define the place you are interested in documenting, which ideally is a grassland. This place can be of any size, from a small prairie remnant along a roadside bank to something much larger. First, do a quick check to see if your place already exists within iNat’s place name database. Let’s pretend for a moment that you drive a certain section of interstate every day to work and one day in September you spotted what looks to be a prairie remnant along the south edge of the freeway. After securing permission from the Department of Transportation, you safely pull off to examine the site more closely and discover it is a diverse roadside prairie. In this example, if you want to create an iNat project for this site you can almost bet that one doesn’t exist and since it is a roadside bank you can bet that no formal place name has ever been assigned to the site. If you want to establish an iNat project for this prairie then first create a place.

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Create a Project

You will want to set up what iNat calls a “Collection Project.”

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