Education & Outreach

The big challenge facing the Southeastern Grasslands Initiative is educating the masses about the importance of open landscapes of the southeastern U.S. We have to overcome more than a century of misinformation and teaching the “myth of the squirrel” — the concept that eastern North America was covered in vast, unending forests from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mississippi River. How do we overcome this? We have a multifaceted education and outreach approach.

If you have skills as an educator, in outreach, community building, coordination, or if you are just a passionate individual who can inspire others to act, then we need you! Here is a list of things that volunteers can do:

Curriculum Development

Overcoming a century or more of misinformation, means that we have to educate not only the conservation community but we also have to reach the masses, this means the general public, your family members, school kids, teachers. So, we need to strive to get an accurate message taught in our schools and universities and to homeschoolers. Are you a teacher? Do you have experience in curriculum development? Then reach out to us!

Fieldtrip Leaders

One way we can begin to reach members of the general public who are interested in nature and conservation and professional conservationists is to offer an excellent array of fieldtrips and workshops. We need people who have expertise and the ability to communicate to a broad audience about such topics as grassland plant identification, grassland birds and pollinators, natural history, cultural history, and other topics related to grasslands. Check out our list of grasslands and if you see a place near you and would like to organize an SGI-sponsored fieldtrip then let us know. We can help advertise and promote such events.

workshop LEADERS

We also need people who can teach special workshops and classes on such topics as collecting seeds from grassland plants, treating invasive plants, restoring prairies, and more.