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The problem of grassland conservation is so massive that we can't do it alone. SGI has assembled a team of some of the most creative minds and innovative organizations in conservation. By reaching across political boundaries, forming partnerships, sharing resources, and inspiring others to act, we can take grassland conservation to the next level in the 21st century and beyond.

See a full list of SGI partners as of April 2019.


Alianca da Terra

Nashville, TN

Alianca is a developing partner of the SGI. It is an international non-profit conservation organization based in Nashville, TN and Mato Grosso, Brazil. Alianca has a staff of >40. They have expanded operations beyond Brazil to Colombia, Mexico, and Paraguay, and now the U.S. AT has adopted the “Producing Right” platform and is committed to linking agricultural production to environmental sustainability. AT has recently launched Alianca Commercial and one focus in the U.S. will be linking grassland restoration with grass-fed beef.


Fort Worth, TX

BRIT is a non-profit research organization located on the grounds of Fort Worth Botanical Garden, it includes a world-class botanical research facility, the 10th largest herbarium in the country (largest in the Southeast), a 2-acre rooftop prairie, renowned research library, and a large environmental education staff. BRIT is home to BRIT Press, one of the leading botanical publishers in the Western Hemisphere and is the newest member of the Center for Plant Conservation (CPC). BRIT brings to the project a focus on western grasslands, ranch management, and excellence in the exploration of regional biodiversity.

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University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC

NCBG is a unit of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The garden features a 1,100+ acre campus, the South’s 2nd largest herbarium (800,000 specimens, second only to BRIT), the Coker Arboretum, and Mason Farm Biological Reserve. NCBG are founding members of the Center for Plant Conservation and Seeds of Success (US Bureau of Land Management), and a national leader in plant conservation. It has a staff of 44 and an annual operating budget of $3,200,000 and a $3,500,000 endowment.


Roundstone Native Seed, LLC

Upton, KY

Roundstone is one of the leading producers of native plant seeds in the eastern U.S. They are based in Munfordville, Kentucky and have a staff of nearly 40. Roundstone brings to our team an extraordinary amount of experience with processing native seeds and installing grassland restorations. They also bring a tremendous amount of credibility as they are highly regarded as a company with an unparalleled commitment to excellence and customer service.

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