Recognition for an SGI iNaturalist Volunteer

We are pleased to recognize Kevin England of Alabama for outstanding volunteer commitment to SGI. Kevin, a 7-8th grade science teacher at Double Springs Middle School, got his masters degree studying botany at the University of West Alabama, and as a resident of northern Alabama, he is very active in documenting the region's vascular flora and lichens. He has helped to discover and document several significant limestone barrens remnants and dozens of sandstone glades.

Kevin has been volunteering for SGI by visiting grassland remnants and documenting their biodiversity with iNaturalist. In particular, he has been working to visit a complex of limestone barrens in northwest Alabama known as the Little Mountains Limestone Barrens. Thanks, Kevin, for sharing your time and knowledge to help document our last remnant grasslands. SGI is rapidly building iNaturalist projects that are focused on specific grassland ecosystems. Check out our Little Mountains project and be sure to check SGI’s iNaturalist page to see dozens of other projects.