finding nearby projects with inat mobile app

You can find iNat grassland projects near you by using the iNat mobile app. Log in to your iNat account and look at the lower right corner and click the “More” icon with three dots above it. On the “More” page, click on the “Projects” folder. On the “Projects” page, click the “Nearby” button and it will list the nearest iNaturalist projects located close to you. The list will include all sorts of projects. Look for those with SGI’s logo to find grassland projects near you; however, there are may be other grassland projects to choose from as well, such as “Dunbar Cave Prairie Restoration” below.

Ways to contribute to a project

  • visit a known grassland preserve

  • visit one of SGI’s mapped grassland types and help visit each mapped locality

  • visit one of SGI’s general projects and drive backroads to search for new remnants


What if I want to create my own project? Click here for more information.